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2018 Update - The State of the Throne

Well, it's been quiet here on our site since we relaunched when the REDLINE CD came out.  That's because we've been busy!! Initial response to the CD has been great overall, and we're excited to have it available for distribution on so many platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and just about anywhere else you can find new music.  Grab yourself a copy if you don't have one!

We've played a bunch of shows this year and are looking to do a few more, including TWO stops at the St. John's Beer Porch and a return to the Guitars Under The Stars Festival in Lebanon, OR.  This is one of our favorite events to perform at and we are looking to hook up with lots of old friends.  This year it's a FOUR DAY festival, with lots of family friendly events.  Head on over to for more info and to find out how to get tickets for this awesome event.

We've also been working on some video!  You've probably seen a few bumpers and unofficial things, but we are working with Parker and Barrow Entertainment to have our first Official Video from REDLINE. It will be the opening track Enjoy The Ride, and we're hoping to have it ready for release in the next month or so.  Filming is done, so look for the final product SOON!!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and all that other cool social media!  See you soon...until then, stay thirsty for the music!! #catchthethrone

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