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2019 Update

It has been super quiet on the blog front.  2019 has been a crazy year so far for us.  Supporting Flotsam & Jetsam in June was huge, but as many of you know, we also said goodbye to one of our founding members Brian Garrison, who has retired from music to spend more time with his family.  The remainder of the band and I decided we would take the summer off (since we never do), enjoy the time off with our families, and regroup after a few months to see what the next chapter of ST holds.  Now is that time...

We had two rounds of auditions with some top quality singers.  While we are not ready to make an official announcement, we will be working with one of them in the near future to see how well we write together, because as they sounded on the older material during the audition, and of course the gel and hang out afterwards, it was (in the words' of Bill and Ted) most excellent. We will certainly keep you all posted on the progress and the next chapter of Splintered Throne 3.0.  It promises to sound like we unleashed a kobra...

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